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Consent: Cannabis Meditation is a sacred practice that works with your energetic body. Emotional and spiritual awakening is to be expected when working with this practice consistently. This practice is a healing modality that promotes awareness to your energetic, emotional and trauma body. This may surface unpleasant and painful emotions that are neccessary for healing. If we feel it, we can heal it. 

This practice is centered around unconditional love and spirituality with religious and intuitive language that may be triggering to some. I invite you to attend this ceremony with an open heart and an open mind. 

Cannabis Meditation is a ceremonial practice with shamanic tools and intuitive guidance with cannabis as the sacred medicine (optional). This is a visceral experience into the unknown. With gentle guiding, we dive deep into knowledge of Self and Spirit. 

This is an IN-HOME facilitated practice only. I provide all the tools and medicine to you. 

How to prepare for your Ceremony:

I recommend a Cannabis fast for 24hrs prior to your meditation ceremony for maximum effect. Eat a light meal or have an empty tummy and make sure you are hydrated. Dress comfortably. Prepare your heart and mind with your "intention". Have a notebook or journal on hand. Have an open heart and an open mind. 

1 Meditation 
90min/ $180

This offers a great introduction to what Cannabis Meditation provides. Please cancel within 24hrs to avoid a cancellation fee. 


3 Meditations
90min each/ $480

With consistency of a package of 3 meditations, you are on your way to a more profound knowledge of self and a deepened inner spiritual relationship. Save $60 with this package deal!

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