Doterra Essential Oils

For all those who have had a treatment from me already, you know how much I love to lavish you with Doterra Essential Oils! My go to's are PEPPERMINT, LAVENDER, COPAIBA and BREATHE. Peppermint is a wonderful addition to your massage treatment by acting as an anti-inflammatory. Helps with aches and pains related to joints and muscles. Relieves stomach discomfort, fevers, fatigue and allergies. Lavender is similar as anti-inflammatory and muscle and joint soother. Also helps with anxiety, skin conditions, insomnia and stress. Copaiba oil has numerous powerful properties! Some of the benefits of Copaiba are anti-inflammatory, detox, respiratory issues, intestinal infections, autoimmune disorders, nausea, migraines, endometriosis, and also modulates all the systems in our bodies including our endocannibinoid system. Lastly, we have the wonderful Breathe.

Breathe maintains clear airways, supports overall respiratory health and helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats.

For more information on how to purchase these oils for yourself, please call or text April at 702-250-2682

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